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August 16, 2020

Best Real Life Baby Dolls (Most Realistic) 2021

Best Real Life Baby Dolls? Your little angel is growing and learning new things; therefore, it is the ideal time to introduce him/her to her favorite first doll. But, do you know the right and real life baby dolls for toddlers? Yes, or No, finding the perfect type is overwhelming to most people, and to help with that we give you this review article to successfully guide you through.

real life baby dolls

Best Real Life Baby Dolls (Top Reviews) 2020

Manhattan toy baby stella

Baby Stella soft doll is among one of the award-winning dolls designed by Manhattan Toy. It is an ultra-soft first nurturing doll that comes with a cute belly button as well as embroiled toes. Another good thing about this toy is that it features removable clothing, thus it can be changed.

In order to keep your baby entertained, the doll has embroidered facial features that encourage fun to play. Other features include lifelike toes, magnetic pacifiers, and diaper all these designed to make your baby have more fun.

Why this?

Manhattan toy baby stella is an ultra-soft doll that is adorned with several fun features.

Best for

Since it measures 15”, it is, therefore, suitable for babies aged 1 year and above.

Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod

Keep your little daughter entertain by choosing this first baby doll with a cozy sleep sack from Manhattan Toy. It is a soft baby toy with a snuggle pod that measures 9” long and comes with a 12” removable sleeping pod.

If your baby has a problem sleeping alone, then this doll can solve that issue since it acts as a bedtime companion. Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod
is a huggable doll made with an ultra-soft plush fabric for comfortable interaction. In addition, the toy features embroidered facial features, satiny lined sleeping pods, and ribbon hair.

Why this Toy?

Best bedtime companion.

Best for:

Ideal for babies aged 12 months and above.

JC Toys Lots to Cuddle

If you are looking for the best interactive baby-like dolls, then these two dolls are ideal for that. They are adorable, huggable, and designed with cute eyes to make your little angel feel good. These dolls improve your kid’s playtime time thanks to its vinyl head, hand, and feet that look lifelike (realistic).These toys also have facial expressions making it more fun for your baby to play with.

It comes with a soft cuddle body that suits non-stops holding and hugging. These toys are made by JC Toys and are easy to clean.

Why this Toy?

JC Toys Lots to Cuddle is cute, realistic and perfect sized dolls for your little ones.

Best for:

Ideal for children aged 1 year and above, and can be even more ideas for twins.

Melissa and doug luke and lucy

An outstanding way to get your baby entertained is by buying these two cutest relatable dolls. These Melissa & Doug 15-inch dolls have an Amazon rating of 4.9 stars out of 5, pretty good, right?

The dolls feature adorable removable caps and rompers that can easily be removed by your kid. Furthermore, their interchangeable caps and rompers are easy to clean. These dolls are designed in a way that they can suck their thumbs, close, and open their eyes, and they include pacifiers. Also, these lovable twin dolls are huggable, thus eases the interactivity with your kid. More importantly, when you look at the standard features in these dolls, you will realize that they are fairly priced.

Why this Doll?

It is because it is a cute and affordable doll that comes with several awesome features that enable your little one to play and learn.

Ideal for:

Melissa and doug luke and lucy are Ideal for kids age 18 months to 5 years, more so if you have twins.

Berenguer boutique 15 soft body baby doll

This is another cutest baby doll that is 15 inches with incredibly detailed vinyl, arms legs, and head. It is a perfect size, huggable soft body baby doll that includes an ability to open and close eyes.

It comes with a pair of adorable shoes, pacifier, feeding tools, rattle, baby bottle, two-piece embroidered outfit, and an extra outfit. All these accessories are expected to help your baby have optimal fun while interacting with Berenguer Boutique doll. This doll helps to teach your kid nurturing skill thanks to its soft, huggable body that promotes cuddling, special care, and holding.

Why this doll?

This is because it is one of the few designs that come with a tone of playing tools. Therefore, your baby can interact more as well as learn more skills.

Ideal for:

Perfect for children’s aged 2+ years.

Cry babies dotty doll

If you are looking for a well-designed doll that has a detailed head, arms, and legs, then you should try Cry babies dotty doll. This doll comes with realistic tears expressions and baby sounds when their pacifier is taken away. This helps your baby learn some nurturing skills by attending the doll. This doll also promotes imaginative play, and they also feature animal print onesie.

This doll helps your baby learn on their own and keep them happy and playful as well. This doll also comes with changeable onesie, and the doll is made from plastic.

Why this doll?

Huggable, relatable design with cute facial expressions.

Ideal for:

18 months to 6 years.

Melissa and doug dolls

Here is another quality designed and cute baby doll from Melisa & Dough. This 12-inch sweet-smelling baby doll is a soft-body doll equipped with several awesome features to keep your baby entertained. 

This doll features cutest facial features and expressions like eyes can open and close, sucks pacifier or thumb, and cute baby cheeks. Also, its adorable two-piece outfit can be removed and cleaned. The 12-inch soft body is the right size that promotes cuddling, hugging, and care for. The material used to make this doll allows for easy cleaning, which can only be wiped clean.

Why this doll?

It is a soft and cuddly body that is huggable and relatable thanks to its cute facial expressions.

Ideal for:

Great for toddler aged 18 months old and above.

Barbie nursery playset

If you want a prime gift that will set up a classic playground for your baby, then Barbie nursery playset is the one. This playset features a number of different tools and dolls to keep your baby fully engaged as well as maximize their comfort. It comes with more than 15 pieces which include, Babysitter Skipper doll, Two twin baby dolls, A crib with changing table, and, Fun baby gear with action, etc. All these and other pieces are intended to inspire all-day play as well as teach you kids some skills.

Why this doll?

Because it features more tools and dolls than any other playset, therefore, it promotes all-day play as well as learning.

Ideal for:

Babies aged 36 months to 7 years.

Cry baby lala

This is another cry baby doll with a cute face huggable body and soft onesies to keep your baby amused. This doll cries like an actual baby (baby sounds and tears) if you remove her pacifier. But what’s interesting about this doll is that it only calms down when you prick her or replace her packing.

This doll also comes with removable animal print onesie as well as an attached pacifier. It has a cute face with awesome facial expressions to keep your baby engaged.

Why this doll?

Cry baby lala doll is available in different colors, relatable, and sound and looks like a real child.

Ideal for?

Babies aged 18 months to 5 years.

Madame alexander baby dolls

This is a 12-inch sweet doll that is designed to suit your kid’s arms. The likable part of this doll is that it has realistic, welcoming, and adorable facial expressions. This starts with cute and soft cheeks and chin, then adorable little eyes that open and close and well-embroidered eyebrows. All these are intended to engage your child’s imagination and encourage doll play.

This doll is also easy to clean and comes with a pink linen coat with flowers embroidery along the collar.

Why this doll?

Because it is a doll of quality design with love in the details.

Ideal for:

Recommended for 2 to 6 years old babies.

How to Buy the Best Real Life Baby Dolls?

Here are what to look for in a baby doll.

  • Size

A baby doll’s average size is between 14” and 18” but larger and smaller sizes are available. Therefore, consider your baby size and choose a toy that suits him or her.

  • Interactivity

Can your baby quickly bond with that doll? If so, then you can buy it. Keep in mind that dolls are designed with some features such as animations, facial expressions, and other features. All these are aimed at making your child respond to it, for example, feeding, hugging, changing clothes, etc.

  • Accessories

What accessories does it come with? Remember, accessories are essential in helping your kid bond or interact with the doll—for example, strollers, clothing toys, feeding toys, or themed playsets.

FAQs about the Best Real Life Baby Dolls 

  • Is baby doll expensive?

Baby dolls prices vary, some are expensive, but others are cheap. Make your budget what choice what suits it.

  • Why is doll important to a baby?

Dolls are important because of several reasons. For example:

  • They are a source of comfort to kids
  • Releases you to do other house chores
  • It helps them learn
  • Expressing their creativity
  • It builds their confidence, etc.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best real life baby dolls for toddlers is durable, soft, relatable, and more importantly, one that suits your baby well (size and color preference).

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