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August 13, 2020

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx (Comparision) 2021

Buying baby gear for your baby? For many parents, it is a struggle to choose what is the best stroller for your little ones and differentiate between Nuna Tavo vs Mixx. And even you don't know what to look at to make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing on the same brand.

As parents, we wanted a stroller that would not just be essential to our little ones but also essential to you. Nuna Tavo and Mixx is on the same brand but offers all, you are looking for in a stroller. Both are sturdy and easy to use. They also offer a stylish look that you can show off to. So, which is better?

Today, we will be explaining the benefits and differences between Nuna Tavo vs Nuna Mixx. If you look at the physical appearances of both strollers, you cannot easily tell which is better for you.

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx 

When comparing Nuna Tavo vs Nuna Mixx, the community recommends Nuna Mixx for many people. But Nuna Mixx stroller is much more expensive than Nuna Tavo. However, choosing this stroller has multiple benefits. The stroller is ideal for active mothers who want to get stuff done while the child is asleep.

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx Baby Stroller Comparison

Nuna Tavo

Nuna Mixx

Car Seat Compatibility




Buy separately






More than Mixx


Nuna Mixx Stroller Review

Nuna Mixx is an upgraded stroller that features no-rethread harness for custom height adjustments. Also has a removable and reversible two-piece seat pad that grows with your baby.

Nuna Mixx has an all-season seat that keeps your baby warm in winter and you can easily convert to mesh during summer. It is also a plus for its smooth maneuverability which allows you to push one hand and would give you some fun along the way. It offers more rugged wheels that make it good when you are looking out to venture onto dirt, grass, and gravel.

Nuna Tavo Stroller Review

Nuna Tavo is designed to provide more room for both the little one and you. Your little ones can move comfortably from head-to-toe and side-to-side as well as for you which includes a spacious basket that you can put for your baby’s stuff.

Nuna Tavo has that design with a sleek glossy frame. There are no adapters required to turn Nuna Tavo into a travel system. In which, it connects directly with the Nuna PIPA series car seat with just a click.

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx: Car Seat Compatibilities

Both Nuna Mixx and Nuna Tavo are designed to be paired with the Nuna PIPA series of the infant seat. These are the PIPA, PIPA lite, and PIPA Lite LX. So, we will compare the compatibilities of both using these Nuna PIPA series.

The stroller seat on Nuna Mixx is removable which allows you to attach a car seat in its place. Also, the Nuna Mixx has a ring adapter making the car seat faster and easier to attach and detach from the stroller. The ring adapter also makes the maneuver one-handed and folds with the stroller.

On the other hand, there are no car seat adapters required for the Nuna Tavo. The car seat is simply attached to the seat secured with a bumper bar. The car seat sits on top of the stroller seat which adds weight making it bulky. This is because the seat in Nuna Tavo is not removable, unlike the Nuna Mixx. The canopy attached can be removed and can be also used in combination with the car seat canopy to make a full coverage resting nest for your little one.

Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Tavo: Accessories

Accessories of Nuna Mixx comes when you purchased it while accessories of Nuna Tavo are separately purchased.

Nuna Mixx Accessories:

  • Mixx Car Seat Adapters
  • Mixx dual Footmuff and seat liner
  • Mixx Rai Cover
  • Bassinet

Nuna Tavo Accessories: (purchased separately)

  • Tavo Child Tray
  • Tavo Rain Cover
  • Wheeled Travel Bag

Both Nuna Mixx and Nuna Tavo are excellent choices especially the accessories and features they offer. Both have very convenient accessories you can use and is very handy, especially when you go shopping.

Buying Guide

Nuna Mixx and Nuna Tavo, both strollers are great choices but as a parent, we needed some things to consider before buying one.

  • Durability

It is always a concern for most parents the durability of the product. How long it can last and is it worth the money you paid for.

  • Material

Materials are also one of those concerned parents that have sensitive skin babies. It is considered to have a material that is hypo-allergenic and is safe to use to our babies.

  • Comfortability

We always are a concern if our little ones are very comfortable with their stroller, especially when they sleep on it. A comfortable mattress and enough padding would be a great choice.

  • Budget

For cost-conscious parents, we want a budget-friendly stroller, and at the same time has all the capabilities you needed.

At the end of the day, it is you as a parent who will decide what is best for your little ones. Overall, the Nuna Mixx and Nuna Tavo is a great choice you can choose from.

Nuna Tavo vs Mixx: Which One is Better?

In differentiating both, Nuna Mixx and Nuna Tavo, Nuna Mixx has extra features like a removable seat, upgraded wheels, and fabrics, as well as the bassinet compatibility. Thus, Nuna Mixx costs more than Nuna Tavo.

In size, there is not much of a difference since strollers are mostly similar in size and can be able to use with the same duration. But based on both stroller’s product specifications Nuna Mixx is larger than the Nuna Tavo making it much heavier with 2.7lbs. This does not include canopy or winter seats or armbar.

Nuna Mixx offers more configurations than Nuna Tavo. Nuna Mixx’s seat can face either direction while the Nuna Tavo only faces forward. Also, Nuna Mixx can only use the Mixx bassinet. This bassinet allows your little one to lie flat in a car seat which is much better than slightly in an upright position.

Also, Nuna Mixx offers a more variety of colors than the Nuna Tavo. Both have high-quality materials in which Nuna Mixx features a leatherette handlebar and bumper bar while Nuna Tavo has a leatherette handlebar and a fabric-covered bumper bar. Nuna Tavo has wheels that are smaller and not as rugged as Nuna Mixx making the stroller less maneuverable on rougher terrain.

In looking for a stroller that is easy to use with a guaranteed high quality product and is also durable, then both Nuna Mixx and Nuna Tavo are excellent choices for your baby’s need and for you as a parent.

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