How to Strengthen Baby’s Legs to Walk (Benefits) 2021

The strength in your baby’s legs begins from 6 to 12 months after birth. Parents are always excited about their baby’s first step of the walk. For smooth steps, your baby’s legs should be strong enough. As babies have weak muscles and bones when they are born, so the question is how to strengthen the baby’s legs to walk!

Well, several factors work behind to make strong enough of your baby’s legs like some exercise, massages, food habits, playing games, etc. Parents should coordinate and build flexibility to make strong bones with some age-appropriate activities and habits.

Exercise for strengthening baby’s legs

Some exercises are recommended by physicians for baby’s to develop leg bones to make his/her steps ASAP.

  • Tummy time

Starting Age: 0 Months Onwards

This is one of the most common and effective exercises for your babies. After feeding, simply place your baby on his/her tummy. This will help to develop the core muscles of the tummy.

You can put your baby on the bed or blanket to explore his surroundings. Make sure that your bed is not too hard for your baby. Alternatively, place his/her tummy between both of your knees. This practice will release trapped gas and help to digest properly.

Regular give your baby tummy time, it will increase his knee strength and head control as well.

  • Bicycle motion

Starting age: 0 Months Onwards

The strength of your baby’s leg muscles will determine how fast your baby can crawl and walk. Pediatricians are always suggested to do leg exercises to strengthen your baby’s leg muscles.

Gently hold your baby’s ankle after laying him on the bed. Then slowing move his legs in a circular motion as if he is riding a bicycle. Repeat it for 4-5 movements at a time then take a couple of minutes break.

Bicycling motion exercise will increase the blood circulation of his body as well as make more strong leg bone and muscles.

  • Sits-up

Starting age: After 4 months

Sits-up exercise mainly works for building upper body muscles. You just simply place your baby on a blanket. Then smoothly lift the blanket so that your baby can come to a sitting position and back down again. Repeat this process for a small-time period.

  • Rowing

Starting age: After 11-12 months

Rowing exercise can be a good choice for strengthening your baby’s to walk. There is a misconception that rowing machine offers huge benefits for the only adult, but your child will also be benefited by using the rowing machine for 10-15minutes daily. You can start it after 11-12 months when he can make steps properly.

Rowing machine exercise strongly contributes to building up your baby’s legs bone and muscles as well as a great for Cardio. Also, it can be his/her playing companion and make your baby more active.

  • Pick Up/Lift Objects

Starting age: 5-6 Months

After 5-6 months, you can notice that your baby is so much excited about household objects, toys, etc, especially for that one you don’t give to or want him to touch. This process can be a natural way to develop your kid’s legs bone and muscles to walk quickly.

Simply sit your kid at bed or blanket and some toys place in front of your baby. He wants to go closer to the objects and catch them by the crawl. This effort will make strong his knees bone and muscles.

  • Do some dancing

Starting age: 0 Months Onwards

After a few days after birth, babies are trying to move around and like to lift their hands and legs. The physician recommends teaching some dancing steps to your baby. This will increase the whole body blood circulation as well as help to strengthen the legs to walk. This is another natural way to make strong babies’ knees and legs to walk properly.

This is not only for your baby girl but also beneficial for your baby boy.

  • Swimming

Starting age: After 14-15 months

Swimming is one of the most powerful exercises to improve the mental and physical health of your baby. Regular swim offers significant benefits to strengthen the baby’s legs to walk. Also builds muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. Overall fit and healthy babies can walk timely and properly.

Your baby can learn swimming after 14-15 months though you should always stay at his side for safety purposes.

Massages for strengthening baby’s legs

After 6 months from birth, your baby has head control but it takes more time to learn crawl and walk properly. Besides several exercises, you can apply some gentle strengthening massages these are suitable for your baby to make strong legs bone and muscles to walk.

Good quality and suitable ingredients made baby cream or oil can use for massaging. You can use almond oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, and so on for massaging.

Every gentle circular, a clockwise stroke will create a warm, quiet, and calming environment for your baby.

It is clinically proven, regular massaging increases blood circulation as well as good for his skin. Try to avoid massaging when he needs a nap or before or after a meal.

Food habit for strengthening baby’s legs

Babies bone density and muscles strength depends on proper food habit. Milk, fish, cheese, green leafy vegetables, almonds, eggs, etc are re-known and beneficial for bone health.

Milk is an ideal drink to develop bone health and fulfill the demand for calcium. Also, babies need 32 ounces of formula per day to fill up the demand for vitamin D. Oily fish like salmon, sardines, egg yolk is also a good source of vitamin D.

Make sure your baby’s daily food routine contains all ingredients that are helpful for bone health.

Having strong muscles and bones from your baby’s childhood will make a foundation for bone health throughout life. All of them will help to build up and strengthen your baby’s muscles and bones naturally to walk.

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