Best Stroller For Irish Twins (Top List) 2021

Strollers are the perfect rides for children. But what about traveling with Irish twins? Well, in that case, you will need special strollersIt is easy to get a stroller for a single child. Even with regular twins, the task is not that hard. But with Irish twins, several factors come into play.

Although it might seem difficult, the task of finding the perfect stroller for Irish twins has been made easy by many brands. There are many good options out there. If you wish to get the best stroller for Irish twins, go ahead and keep on reading!

Best Stroller for Irish Twins

1. Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller

For our first pick, we have chosen the City Street LX Side by Side Stroller by Delta Children. According to the company, this stroller can be used by children aged less than three years. Different from the stand-on designs, this model has a side-by-side build, which is convenient and avoids accidents. It is definitely a safer option for customers out there. Its weight limit is a little above thirty-one kilograms, combining both the seats. 

There are four attractive colors available for this stroller – Grey, Black & Orange, Lime & Green, and Night Sky. Whether you want something funky or somber, there is a little something for everyone. As for the frame, the stroller is extremely lightweight. The umbrella that protects the children is easily foldable and compact. As a double stroller, this product has won many awards. It includes a five-point safety harness and superior-level wheels. With this product, you can rest assured concerning the safety of your kids! 


  • Great for storage and travel since it is lightweight 
  • Can pass through a standard 30-inch door 
  • Maintains security through its parts 
  • Eligible for free replacements parts 


  • Does not have well-built brakes 
  • Has a subpar sunshade 

2. Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Our list consists of two Joovy strollers. Of the two, the first is the Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller. Available in two colors, black and red, the Caboose Too Sit And Stand Tandem Double Stroller stands out for its sleek appearance. What makes the stroller more durable is the material of the frame. Here, the frame is made of steel. 

Compared to the City Street LX, the maximum weight of this stroller is much more. Approximately ninety pounds of weight can be born by the entire machine, a considerable leap. Not only is the stroller sleek, but it is also slender and compact. Hence, it is easy to store and carry. 

To make it easier for the users, the front and back seats are designed differently for two different age limits and weights. While the back seat has multiple recline positions, the front seat also has three recline positions. Both the seats are adjustable, and you can customize them as your child grows. 


  • Has adjustable seats 
  • Consists of an inbuilt stand-on system 
  • Both seats have several positions of reclination 
  • Universal car seat adapter is compatible with most brands 


  • Does not have an inbuilt organizer 

3. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller 

The second Joovy product we have for you is the Scooter X2 Double Stroller. Of the two, we definitely prefer this one more. You may be curious why we’re instantly pronouncing this as the better Joovy stroller on the list. You’re about to find why. With its exceptional features and qualities, it is a complete package. Since it is a side-by-side stroller, you can check the “safety” and “visibility” boxes right away. 

Before going on about the detailed specifics, we’d like to discuss the looks. The stroller is available in four different colors – black, blueberry, charcoal, and red. As for the frame, it is made of durable steel. Furthermore, the age range is a standard below three years.  Like other prominent side-by-side strollers, this one has a weight limit of ninety pounds overall. It can cross most standard doors, having a width of thirty inches. To cater to the parents, the stroller also has cup holders and zip-fastened pockets. 


  • Seats can be easily reclined and adjusted 
  • Includes a small, peek-a-boo window 
  • Has pockets and spaces to store objects 
  • Large canopy keeps children well-protected 


  • Not as lightweight as most strollers 
  • Plastic tires are not suitable for outdoors 

4. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller

Now that we’re done with the Joovy stroller recommendations, next up, we have the Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller as a recommendation. Almost all the strollers in this list have had great color combinations, and this one is no different. There are two colors in which this stroller is available, namely Percheron Gray and Stallion Black. 

But what makes the Evenflo Pivot Xpand stand out is its construction material. Unlike other brands that only used metal for their frame, Evenflo has made the entire stroller out of metal. There is yet another striking factor that is different for this stroller. This stroller has an age limit of up to 6 years. Besides, it has an exceptional slide-lock system that allows it to expand from single to double. As a user, you can customize it in your own way. 

Other than all these, this machine has four modes which are all equally flexible. It also has parts that are easy to clean and wipe. 


  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • All modes are pliable in nature 
  • Has the option to convert into both single and double layout 
  • Accommodates children of higher age range 


  • Harness is of average quality 

5. Baby Jogger City Select LUX Double Stroller 

Last but not least, we recommend you check out the City Select LUX Double Stroller by Baby Jogger. Available in five different colors, the shade selection of the City Select LUX is rather sophisticated than funky. The five colors are Slate, Granite, Port, Stoller & Pram, and Taupe. Like our previous recommendation, this one has the ability to convert from single to double stroller as well. Furthermore, it also has a bench seat as an addition. 

The seats in the stroller are three-faced, including the parent side, front side, and sibling side. You can manually control the parking brake as well as the deceleration brake.  Rather than having several controls, this stroller features an all-in-one multifunction control system. Moreover, it also has an all-wheel suspension feature. To protect the children from harmful rays, the City Select LUX has an extended canopy incorporated with a superior sun protection element. There is also a peek-a-boo window through which you can keep a check on the children. 


  • Consists of several accessories 
  • Has the single-to-double conversion ability 
  • Includes storage basket as well as pockets 
  • Seats can be adjusted easily 


  • Does not have a stroller organizer 

Buyers guide about Stroller for Irish Twins

Although you already have an idea about these, here are the things you should look for before buying a stroller for Irish twins.  


When it comes to strollers, the first and foremost priority is the safety of the children. There are few things you should check to ensure safety. Get a stroller that includes a five-point restraint system. Make sure the brakes and the wheels are properly functioning. It is better to have multi-faced seats and a window to make sure you can check on the baby. And, of course, make sure the canopy is well extended.  


Other than the material of the frame, you should also consider the material of other parts, including the brakes and the wheels. If these parts are not durable, they can cause accidents.  

Storage Space

When you are taking a stroll, you are most likely to carry many different items for both the baby and yourself. So, strollers should have storage areas such as the storage basket and the pockets.  


The design of a stroller does not merely compose of its color combination and accessories. Indeed, these are parts of the design too. But check if the stroller has inbuilt additions or not. Or whether it can convert from single to double form or not.  


Although it might seem similar to material, by build, we mean the construction of the stroller. For strollers, the ability to be stored as well as compactness are essential. So, get a stroller that can meet both these needs.  

Family Plan

Finally, it is also essential to consider your family plan. Depending on the size of your family, you might have to buy specific types of strollers and make necessary adjustments to them.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I buy a single or double stroller? 

Since we’re talking about Irish twins, it is best to get a double stroller. Unless you want to take your children to travel separately, don’t get a single stroller. 

  1. What should I look for in a double stroller? 

For a double stroller, the few things that you should absolutely check are weight, seat adjustability, height, and the wheels. Besides, the material of the stroller is also important. 

  1. What is the most compact double stroller? 

While there are many compact double strollers in the market, the Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller surely stands out. It is extremely lightweight. 

  1. How do I choose a stroller? 

Many factors are important while choosing a stroller. That being said, get a stroller that has good construction, a flexible design, a storage area, and meets all safety demands. 

  1. Is it possible to accommodate different seats for a stroller? 

Yes, it is possible to accommodate several seats for a stroller, at least for most brands. However, you have to check the compatibility chart before the accommodation.  


It is time to take your children on a nice walk! With a proper stroller, it is also easy to take your children on trips. So choose the right stroller for you. If you have picked out the best stroller for Irish twins, waste no more time. Best of luck! 

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