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April 30, 2020

Best Nasal Aspirator for Toddlers (Reviews) 2021

Snot is the third common bodily fluid that moms have to deal with when taking care of their babies. Remember, babies’ noses are always running, unlike adults that probably experience this only when they are sick or have allergies. Otherwise, the best way to keep your baby clean and comfy is by buying the perfect nasal aspirator for toddlers.

Using snot remover is the best and ideal way of helping your baby avoid stuffy breath. But getting the best snot remover can be challenging for most people. So, to help with that, we have done the research and compiled this guide article reviewing 3 best nasal aspirator for toddlers. Furthermore, we have provided a buying guide to help you in choosing the best baby nasal aspirator.

Best Snot Remover for Infants

        Best snot remover for babies

Best Nasal Aspirator for Toddlers

List of snot remover for infants that is used to remove mucus from the nose of the infant or child through the application of a suction tube.

  • NeilMedNaspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator
  • NoseFrida Baby Nasal Aspirator
  • Fridababy sick day prep kit

Best Nasal Aspirator for Toddlers

Help your stuffy nose baby breathe better with one of these best snot removers for infants.

NeilMedNaspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator

This snot remover is one of the best and uniquely designed nasal aspirator in the market. It is a sterilizable, transparent design that is safe for every infant. Easy to clean design with an in-line disable filter, thus reducing contamination risks.

This snot remover is a 2-in-1 design since you can use both the aspirator and the bulb. This design is dishwasher safe thanks to its high-grade silicone body.

  • Dimensions of baby nasal aspirator: 2.25 x 4.25 x 7.25 inches; 4.06 Ounces
  • Manufacturer of nasal aspirator: NeilMed
  • Style of nasal aspirator: without saline ampoule
  • Pros

    • Disposable filters  
    • This remover can be sterilized
    • It’s a 2-in-1 design
    • Easy to clean


    • Harder to be used by younger babies
    • It’s a bit bulky

    Worth the price?

    Yes, it is. This is because its design has combined several essential safety, quality, and efficiency features in one snot remover.

    Ideal for:

    It is safe for all babies & toddlers.

    NoseFrida Baby Nasal Aspirator

    NoseFrida Baby Nasal Aspirator is another high-grade snot sucker that is not only quality but also comfortable and hygienic, thanks to FridaBaby, the designer. It is also a non-invasive design since it offers gentle snot sucking aided by its ability to create a seal with the outside of the infant’s nostrils.

    It also features a blue nasal tube, red mouthpiece, and filter cap that are dishwasher safe hence. It is free of BPA and Phthalate design that has been tested and certified by a pediatrician. It also comes with clinically proven disposable filters that prevent the transfer of bacterial germs to the tube.

    • Dimensions of baby nasal aspirator: 7.1 x 3 x 1 inches
    • Manufacturer of nasal aspirator: FridaBaby
    • Style of nasal aspirator: NoseFrida Solo (4 Hygiene Filters)
    • Weight of nasal aspirator: 0.8 ounces


    • Disposable filters 
    • Easy to clean
    • Portable design
    • Pediatrician recommended
    • Much faster


    • Inlet can be huge to some infants’ nostrils
    • Not suitable for older adults

    Worth the price?

    Yes, it is. First, it is because it is a portable design with disposable filters, and more importantly, it is easy to clean.

    Ideal for:

    Younger infants.

    Baby Sick Day Prep Kit by FridaBaby

    Fridababy sick day prep kit is a better way of calming the congested infant’s nose. This simply because the kits come with MediFrida Pacifier medicine dispenser, Breathefrida vapor chest rub, snots wipes, and NoseFrida nasal aspirator. All these devices will help keep babies with cold, comfortable, and free of a congested nose.

    The 2-In-1 snot wipes together vapor rub plays a vital role in keeping your infant clean by cleaning stuffy nose boogies.

  • Dimensions of baby nasal aspirator: 7.87 x 2.75 x 9.35 inches
  • Manufacturer of nasal aspirator: FridaBaby
  • Weight of nasal aspirator: 1 Pounds
  • Pros

    • Comprised four essentials  
    • Its cleans, sooths and decongest stuffy nose easily
    • Accurate dose delivery
    • Organic vapor rub


    • Nose sucker may not fit some kits
    • Expensive

    Worth the price?

    This kit is 100% worth it’s since it solves more than one complication faced by babies with cold.

    Ideal for:

    All babies with a cold and stuffy nose. However, the nasal aspirator is suited to newborn to toddler age.

    How to Choose the Best Nasal Aspirator for Toddlers?

    When purchasing a snot remover, then there are things you should look for in an aspirator. These things will define the type, price, and quality you will pick at the end of your shopping. Therefore, the factors to consider includes:


    Silicon standard material that suits this situation since it doesn’t affect or facilitate the growth of bacteria.


    Is it easy to thoroughly clean it?

    Nasal’s tip size

    Choose a snot remover with interchangeable tips if you are planning to use it for an extended period. You can also pick the one that can accommodate several sizes of the nostril.

    Suction strength

    Hoe effective is it when sucking snot? Keep in mind your baby’s pain tolerance.

    FAQs about Nasal Aspirator for Toddlers

    How do I use snot remover?

    First of all, there are several types of nasal aspirators. They include Oral Suction Aspirator, Electric Aspirator, and bulb Syringe Aspirator. Therefore, each type comes with its own manual on how to use it.

    Can it hurt my baby?

    When used properly, it may not hurt your baby, but it will be a little bit freaky for your baby. However, you should always learn some safety tips for the type of snot remover you are using.

    Final Verdicts

    In our top 3 list above, there is one that suits your baby. But what remains is that you need to define or determine the type of aspirator you like. To do that, you should consult the buying guide provided above to understand what to look for in the best nasal aspirator for toddlers.

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