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April 6, 2020

Best Infant Life Jacket (Review) 2021

Getting the best infant life jacket can be a challenging task, and that is why we have done intensive research for you. So, here are the best life jacket for your kids and, these are also more comfortable for them.

Every parent likes to see his or her kid having fun, but this also brings worries to every parent. This is because leaving them alone to enjoy water-based-activities is a risky thing. And hovering around them all the time is also a tedious and annoying thing to do.

So if you want to put a smile on your kid’s face by letting them safely enjoy water activities, then you should get the best infant life jacket.

Best Life Jackets For Kids

                             Kids Life Jackets

Best Coast Guard approved Infant Life Jacket (Reviews) 2021

Stohlquist toddler infant life jacket


If you are looking for a quality infant life jacket that is comfortable, adjustable, and with added security, then you should go for Stohlquist toddler life jacket. This toddlers life jacket is a product from Stohlquist Waterware, which is one of the best water ware manufacturers.

Since their main aim is comfort and security, therefore, their life vests come with advanced features for that. The first one is a wide neck design with two foams offering better support to your kid. It is also designed with a quick-release buckle entry zipper with an adjustable crotch strap for added security.

The strap helps it avoid slipping over your kid’s head. It is a Coast Guard-approved kids life jacket that is not only of high quality but also less bulky and with a convenient grab handle.


  • Feature adjustable straps for comfort fit and security
  • That doesn’t hinder the baby’s mobility
  • Light and comfortable design
  • Toddler life jacket for pool


  • It can turn your kid stomach up
Stearns PFD 5402 hydro infant blue jacket

This is another U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket that is made from high-quality materials. So, if you are taking a boat with your kid, then this is best for use on a boat. Stearns PFD 5402 also has several features that improve its usability.

For example, the two adjustable leg straps and a back zipper that provides security by ensuring that the kids life jacket doesn’t slip over your baby’s head.

It also comes with a soft Hydroprene shell that has a Cross tech flotation foam for enhanced comfort. The adjustable chest straps allow you to adjust to fit your kid’s size, thus making it an all fit life vest. It also features a rescue handle to enable you to move your kid with ease from the boat or water. One thing to note is that this life jacket is fitted explicitly for infants below 50 lbs.


  • Life jacket for toddler on boat  
  • It doesn’t limit your baby’s movement
  • It is a unique and lighter life jacket
  • Toddler life jacket 30-50 pounds


  • It can be difficult for some kids to wear
O’Neill infant Superlite USCG life vest infant life jacket

When choosing the best infant life jacket for a kid so young, weight matters a lot. Therefore, the best quality of life jackets for kids is O’Neill infant Superlite USCG life vests.

The main likable features of this kids life jacket are lightweight and supportive. This polyester life jacket is made from marine foam, making it super light. Its design ensures that your kid’s neck is firmly supported as it keeps your baby’s head afloat. It is also designed with quick-release technology that is attached to the three Delrin buckles.

This feature makes this life vest easy to put it on or to take it off. This toddlers life jacket is also able to keep your kid afloat upon his/her back being in the water.

Despite it being a bit bulky, this life vest design fits all safety and comfort criteria. More importantly, this vest can auto correct your baby’s posture in the event they roll on their stomach or fall into the water. This vest also a naturally snug-fitting design and can allow you to adjust it between their legs.


  • It features quality head panels that help your baby’s head to stay out of water  
  • A snug-fitting design
  • Easy to wear
  • Life jacket for under 30 lbs


  • It can be bulky to young infants, thus limiting their movement
Airhead infant’s general purpose life vest infant life jacket

This type II general-purpose life vest specially fits Infants less than 30 Pounds. And to enhance the safety of your kid, this toddlers life jacket features easily adjustable belts and legs strap. This ensures that the life vest will always fit your baby’s body and can’t slip out.

Grab strap is another safety feature that comes with this kids life jacket. This feature ensures that you can quickly grab and safely haul your kid from water or boat. It is also designed with a sturdy polyester material that improves its durability. This material also has no irritation effects on your baby’s skin hence making it comfortable on her skin. The double foam collar offers additional support to your baby’s neck while in water.

The reason as to why I recommend Airhead infant life vest is because of its advanced belts and legs strap feature. This feature ensures that your kid can’t slip off the vest and drown.


  • It features an adjustable strap that helps in comfortable fitting  
  • It comes with a quick rescue grab strap
  • Life vest for pool


  • It is a bulky design that might affect the baby’s movement
  • Not a comfortable fit for tinny babies
Body Glove paddle pals motion Hologram infant life jacket

If you want to improve your kid’s confidence in swimming, then Body Glove paddle pals is the right choice. This floater is designed to keep your baby head afloat as well as allowing her to swim. One thing is that it can be used in both shallow and deep water because of its impeccable design that offers extra security assurance.

The safety shoulder harness design prevents kids from removing the jacket on their own without parental aid. Furthermore, it ensures that the jacket can’t slip off while being used.

It is a “learn to swim” that is safe in teaching kids how to swim. This is because it has attached paddle pals that aid in infants’ buoyancy, both in shallow and deep water. And for superiors’ comfort, this jacket features a multi-panel design and polyester material. These features are integrated into this jacket to prevent chafing problems seen in other infants’ floaters.

Besides comfort fits, the unique paddle pals graphic design makes kids love. As a result, it helps keep their heads floating and safe from drowning. This kids life jacket can comfortably fit and support kids with a weight of up to 30-50 lbs. Its adjustable chest straps ensure it can fit babies with different sizes. And the quick-release rear safety buckle in the adjustable strap improves the safety of your kid.


  • Keeps your baby’s head afloat at all times  
  • It features several safety features
  • It is a comfortable, fit design
  •  Patented
  • Fun design


  • The size of the vest varies so that it can be big or small
Full Throttle infant baby-safe vest infant life jacket

This innovative vest design is another best infant life jacket that we found to be unique and impressive. One of the first noticeable features in this safety vest is the adjustable buckle opening in the collar. This improved feature is essential in that it makes it easier to slide in your baby’s head.

The next noticeable feature is encircling the waist belt just below the collar part. This feature is essential in ensuring that the life vest comfortably fits into your baby’s body. Furthermore, the encircling waist belt and the buckle opening have been added to this life vest in order to provide more security by preventing slip offs. The good is that this jacket can hold babies of up to 30 lbs. Weight.

One other that makes this creative design vest boom is the elasticized leg strap. This leg strap elasticized design allows your kids to kick around without feeling uncomfortable. The sturdy grab strap at the top backside of the vest is designed to serve more than one purpose. One, it helps in the quick recovery of your child and two; it is used during drying and storage. Its oversized collar is not just for fun and buoyancy but is acts as comfortable neck pillows to your kid.


  • It comes with a collar buckle and waist strap for easy and comfy-fit wear
  • It is made from high-quality padding and form
  • It comes with a sturdy strap for added security
  • It is an approved life vest


  • It is a bulky design that might affect the buoyancy of low-weight infant
  • Its design can be irritating to some infants
NOVOs baby swim floats for pool infant life jacket

This colorful, comfortable soft fabric vest is suitable for kids from 2 to 7 years old. The strength design of this vest can offer buoyancy to babies between 30 to 50 lbs. Weight. NOVOs Baby Swim Floats are made of durable woven polyester and foam floats.

NOVOs, the designers of this vest, heard their primary goal to be swimming. This is why they used an armed wing designed paddle pals that allow your kid to push forward with both arms and legs. It also ensures that your kid’s swimming position is not affected by buoyancy pressure that is seen in other vests.

For a comfortable fit and security, this swim float has straps and adjustable buckles installed at the backside. This ensures that your kid can remove it on their own, thus extra security, as well as relieving extra pressure from you. In addition, the colorful designs these NOVOs floater makes it more adorable to infants. Note, there are a variety of colors to choose from, so make sure you check them.


  • Apart from swim training, it can also be used in kids water fun in the lake, pool, and beach  
  • It is available in a variety of colorful designs
  • Child life jacket 30-50 lbs


  • Cannot be deflated
Gogokids kids swim vest life jacket infant life jacket

If you’re not fun of those types of floaters that come with wings paddles pals, then this is the ideal choice for you. It is a comfortable fit design that wraps around your baby’s torso and, more importantly, allowing his arms to move freely which makes it the best infant life jacket. The other advantageous thing is that this design is light and less bulky, unlike some of the other designs.

For a secure and proper snug fit, this floater is equipped with an adjustable crotch and chest straps. These features also provide extra comfort and safety for your child. The chest strap contains a quick release feature, which is essential when it comes to safety and comfort.

This floater also provides your child with warmth and buoyancy thanks to its quality neoprene material. Therefore, this design can offer more confidence to your child to try swimming on their own. It also comes with a grab handle that allows you to grab your child in case of any problem quickly.

Apart from its impeccable features and performance, the return policy is another likable thing about this vest. The reason being, if you are not fully satisfied with this floater, then you can return it and get a refund or replacement.


  • The comfortable neoprene material  
  • It is a less bulky floater with high buoyancy
  • Great return policy
  • Life jacket for 2 year old


  • Some customers have complained about sizing fit problems
Jet Pilot infant PFD life vest infant life jacket

This U.S Coast Guard Approved toddlers life jacket is one of the best life vests in the market currently. Remember, your child comfort is as important as his safety, and the ideal life vest that offers both is Jet Pilot Infant PFD.   This is because it comes with a buckle and a zipper, making it easier to wear as well as offering extra security.

The other things that offer comfort are the life vest’s material and the foamed neck. The material used in making this floater is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. Similar to the top part of the neck, that cat has a pillow, thus protecting infants’ neck.  And talking of infants, this floater only fit infants that were up to 30 pounds only.

To ensure that the security of your baby is not at risk, adjustable straps have been added to this floater. The crotch straps offer a secure fit while the grab handle offers you a secure means to catch your child in case of any issue. One thing to note is when it comes to fitting it to your child, just ensure that it fit but not too tight. This will allow your child to feel free and comfortable.


  • It is a bright-colored design that allows easy visibility  
  • Comes with a soft-foamed neck collar that acts as a pillow
  • Its material is robust, soft and comfortable


  • It can be a little bit bulky for a young infant

How to Choose the Best Infant Life Jacket? 

Finding the best life jackets for kids is a challenging task since there is something you should consider. These things go beyond features alone, and I suggest you put them into consideration while purchasing a life jacket for infants. They include:

  • What comfort features do you want your life vest to have?

Check and see what comfort features particular life vests have. You can check if it has head protection, the type of materials used, and other features that might affect baby comfort.

  • What are its security features?

Check and see the security feature and if the security features it has is what you want or more. For example, grab loop, straps, Vertical zipper and buckles, Head Protection, etc. Note head protection is not only a comfort feature but also a safety feature.

  • Best fit

Does it fit your kid? If not, then go for another one. Check for features like leg and belt straps that help adjust floater fitting.

  • Test before purchasing and using it

This is the first step in ensuring your kid’s safety.

  • Does it have good buoyancy?

Since the main aim of having a life vest is to float, then what you are set to buy should have good buoyancy, taking kid’s weight under consideration. For this check on weight restrictions.

  • What’s its weight restriction?

The weight limit is among the top things that you should check before buying a kids life jacket. Therefore, it is best to choose with the one that goes with the current weight of your baby. Don’t say your baby will grow into it because a bigger floater with higher weight limits may end up not fit your baby. Worst case, it may push and turn your kid around.

  • What is its color and is it visible?

Is the type of swim floater you are choosing visible from far? This is part of the security check because you don’t want a color that will camouflage when at the beach or lake. Most people don’t think or care about this tip, but trust me; it is a critical thing that needs to be taken seriously.

  • Safest life jacket for kids

We have reviewed the best life jackets for kids. They are all safe to use in the water. Below are some US Coast Guard Approved life jackets.

Life jackets

Coast guard approved life jacket

Stohlquist child life jacket


Stearns baby life jacket


O'neill life jacket

not sure

Airhead infant life vest


Body Glove paddle pals


Full throttle life jacket

not sure

NOVOs baby swim floats

not sure

Gogokids swim vest

not sure

Jetpilot life vest


FAQs About the Best Infant Life Jacket

Which is the best between type I and type II infant life jackets?

Type II is the best type of life jacket. This is because they are designed to be lightweight, less, and bulky. Also, they come with an adjustable crotch strap as well as a grab loop.

How do I test if the life jacket fits my kid?

Since you are heading to a water body, then I recommend that you start by wearing the life jacket onto your kid and tighten the straps. After that, gently lift your kid by holding the jacket’s shoulders. So, if the jacket slips over the head of your kid, then it doesn’t fit.

Can my infant child use a larger infant jacket?

No. I usually suggest finding the right size for your kid. The reason is that not only will the bigger life jacket be too big and loose but also will lack head protection. This will, therefore, be unsafe for your child.

Why should I buy a life jacket for my kid?

Life jacket significance depends on the activity you are yet to partake. So if you are planning to go swimming or boating, then it is a must you wear a life jacket. Accidents happen, and you won’t like being got unprepared, therefore prepared by getting a life jacket now.

Final words

Overall, the best infant life jacket is usually the one that fits him or her. This will ensure the safety and comfort of your kid while enjoying his or her time in the water. Also, ensure that you abide by the above buying guide to get the best life vest for your kid and avoid after-sale returns.

Remember, comfort is as important as the safety of your kid. So, to avoid purchasing the types of floaters that are made of skin-irritating materials. The best way is usually to get the best fit is by knowing these two important things about your kids–weight, and size.

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