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May 23, 2020

Best Headphones for Toddlers on Plane (13 Review) 2020

Have you ever looking for the perfect headphones for toddlers on plane? If so, then you probably know that it's not easy to select the best headphones for your kids on a plane.

Travelling with a child can be a challenge at the best of times, but when you add plane travel, things can quickly move to another level of chaos. Baby toys or dolls might buy you some time, but to be captivated for the full length of the flight many parents will reach for an iPad or tablet along with the best headphones for toddlers on plane.

best headphones for toddlers on plane

Best Headphones for Toddlers on Plane 

Ultimate list of headphones for toddlers on plane that use noise cancellation technology.

Product Name



Battery life

Lilgadgets headphones


4 years+

12 hours



3 years+

14 hours

Lilgadgets connect+ pro


6 years+


Snug play


3 years+


Kidrox headphones


2 years+


Firik headphones


2 years+


iclever headphones


2 years+


Kidz gear headphones


2 years+


Baby banz earmuffs


0-2 years


13 Best Headphones for Toddlers on Plane (Including Earmuffs)

To help with what can be a complicated task, we have prepared a complete guide to help you find the safest headphones for your toddlers. Also, in this review guide, we have picked the best headphones for toddlers on plane depending on your budget.

LilGadgets Untangled PRO Kids Premium Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Lilgadgets untangled pro is a high-quality Bluetooth headphone that is compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices. It is available in six colors and features a SharePort that allows it to connect with another headphone wirelessly. Soft ear pads that are designed SoftTouch breathable mesh material to ensure ultimate comfort.

Lilgadgets is a headphone that has been designed and tested with all ages of kids to ensure its sturdiness. It features a battery with a 12 hours’ battery life and 180 hours on standby mode. This toddler headphone is easy to carry, store and perfect for airplane travel.

  • Material: High-quality polycarbonates and stainless steel
  • Receiver range: approximately 30ft
  • Volume-limited to: 93 dB
  • Diameter of Speaker: 40 mm
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Types: Wireless
  • Pros

    • High-quality toddler Bluetooth headphones
    • Modernized style or look
    • 3.5 mm cable
    • Durable


    • Expensive
    • Bulky

    Why buy it:

    Lilgadgets untangled pro headphones are a strong choice for people looking for comfort and ability to use both wire-less and with cable.

    Best for

    Best suited for kids ages 4 and up.

    ONANOFF BuddyPhones Play

    Onanoff is an award-winning headphone that is safe for kids and suitable for plane use. It offers hours of wireless use to kids, and it features four volume limit settings of–Study Mode, 94 dB Travel Mod, 75 dB Toddler Mode, and 85 dB Kid Mode.

    Once fully charged, Onanoff can last up to 14 hours while on a Bluetooth mode. Onanoff also features a Buddy Cable that allows it to work without a battery. Other features include durability and different colorful designs.

  • Headphones Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 5.11 ounces
  • Types: Wireless
  • Pros

    • It is designed, assembled, and tested for durability 
    • Wireless Bluetooth headphones
    • Comfortable
    • Buddy Cable


    • Its Loud volume exceed WHO recommendations however you have choices of other settings.
    • Bulky

    Why buy it?

    Because Onanoff is a custom-made design and uses hypoallergenic, super-durable materials that can withstand the strongest kids. More importantly, these are fun for kids and designed with travel use in mind.

    Best for:

    Suitable for ages 2-10.

    LilGadgets Connect PRO Headphones

    This award-winning LilGadgets headphone is patently designed to save space. The headphones are light and feature padded ear pads that are very comfortable for kids ears. To add versatility these headphone are equipped with metal extenders. Lilgadgets connect+ pro headphones are extremely light-weight, functional and perfect kids headphones for airplane.

    Lilgadgets connect+ pro also comes with internal 40 mm drives and a max volume of 93 db. SharePorts is another useful feature included in this headphones, which allows your baby can share audio with his or her friend.

  • Material: High-quality poly-carbonates and comfortable soft-Touch fabric 
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Types: Wired
  • Pros

    • Works without battery charge (using cable)
    • Volume limiting headphones 
    • 8 Different color designs
    • Quality Audio


    • Headset skipping

    Why Buy it?

    Lilgadgets connect+ pro is a durable, colorful design, and your kids can share audio.

    Best for

    Best suited for 6+ size children. 

    Snug Play Kids Headphones

    One of the most highly regarded headphones is Snug play. This is a fashionably designed headphone that comes with a range of cool features including a sharing port. This feature allows two headphones to be connected together, thus allowing your kids to listen at once.

    Snug headphone also comes with a built-in volume limiting features, which enables you to regulate the volume automatically. Comfort is also a high priority and these headphones come equipped with soft, comfortable ear pads. So let have a look at its pros and cons.

    Snug headphones are perfect for when you're traveling because they give you the required noise-canceling capability.

  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Types: Wired
  • Volume-limited to: 93 dB
  • Pros

    • Comfortable and colorful design
    • Snug fit design
    • Sharing port


    • 90-day warranty
    • A bit bulky

    Why buy it?

    Snug play headphone is a durable design with automatic volume control and sharing ports features.

    Best for:

    This headphone is recommended for kids ages 3 to 8 years.

    KidRox RS4 Kids Headphones

    These Kidrox headphones are another quality and kids friendly designed with durability in mind. It is a BPA free headphone built with non-toxic materials. Furthermore, this headphone comes with a safe, impact resistance to ensure its durability.

    The Kidrox headphone is equipped with soft on-ear cushions to offer extra comfort for long-period usage. These earphones designers have also taken safety first by including a volume resistor, which ensures that your child’s hearing is protected. It is also widely compatible and can be used on any device, for any purpose, be it listening to music, audio books, or watching videos.

  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Types: Wired
  • Volume-limited to: 85 dB
  • Pros

    • A 1-year hassle-free limited warranty
    • A 3.5 mm universal audio jack 
    • Safest headphones for kids


    • Available in three colors only
    • Lacks sharing port

    Why buy it?

    Because Kidrox headphone is a durable design with quality audio, maximum comfort, volume-limiting, and universal compatibility.

    Best for:

    Toddlers ages 2 and up.

    FIRIK Kids Headphones

    If you are looking for something a little different then you should consider Firik headphones. These headphones are designed for maximum comfort and also offer protective hearing, among other awesome futures. This pro generation headphone can be tightened or loosen depending on your child's needs.

    Firik headphone also features ultra-thin speakers that provide high quality audio. The speakers are fitted into a soft, comfortable, lightweight, and washable headband. This means the speakers are adjustable and removable. And if you want another way to get your baby to sleep, then this might just be the answer.

  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 1.58 ounces
  • Types: Wired
  • Other features: FM Transmitter
  • Soft, lightweight and elasticity headphones that washable
  • Pros

    • Safe listening headphones for kids
    • Usage Range from adult to kids
    • Ear muffs for sleeping


    • Younger toddlers cannot put them on without assistance
    • Cords are a little cumbersome

    Why buy it?

    Firik headphone is a uniquely designed headphone that offers comfortable, protective hearing, that is ideal for flying.

    Best for?

    Kids aged 1 year and up.

    iClever Boostcare Kids Headphones

    The iclever headphone is one of the coolest headphones we looked at and it suits both plane and car travel. It offers a compact folding design that makes traveling convenient and easy. The headphone is high with quality and very conformable with additional features that make this high-grade earphone design.

    The iClever boostcare over the ear headphones are designed for ultimate durability thanks to its excellent toughness that can withstand harsh treatments from kids. It has a flexible and adjustable design to accommodate different types of sizes and fittings. The headphone is also equipped with soft earmuffs to provide a comfortable feeling while using it. The iClever Boostcare has a modern fashion inspired design to complement its quality audio performance.

  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.5 ounces
  • Types: Wired
  • Volume-limited to: 85 db
  • Length of cord: 1.2 m+/-15%
  • Pros

    • Universal compatibility
    • Ultra-flexible design
    • 18-month warranty


    • No automatic volume control feature

    Why buy it?

    Because iclever headphone is a flexible, stylish, and adjustable design that is durable and comfortable for your kid.

    Beast for:

    Toddlers aged 2 years and up.

    Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids

    Kidz Gear Headphone is another quality and uniquely designed headphone for kids. This headphone comes with a lifetime limited warranty to ensure you get 100% satisfaction. It is equipped with volume control ability to ensure your kid’s hearing is protected.

    Kidz gear headphones boast an 80% maximum volume ability, which is 20 dB lower from the actual adult max volume capacity. The headphone is also custom-designed and adjustable to provide comfort to children of all shapes and sizes.

    • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm
    • Types: Wired
    • Weight: 7.2 ounces
    • Volume-limited to: 85 db


    • Available in 6 different colors
    • Lifetime limited warranty
    • Lightweight 


    • Somehow bulky
    • Not too flexible

    Why buy it?

    Because Kidz Gear Headphone is a durable headphone with volume control ability, quality and healthy audio, and custom-designed.

    Best for:

    It’s a good fit for children 2 years and older.

    BANZ Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection

    Banz earmuffs are amongst the best muffs for infants and toddlers. The earmuffs come with specific sound protection features that help protect your baby’s hearing. The 31 dB NRR helps prevent harmful noise as well as protect hearing.

    Baby Banz earmuffs come with ultra-soft padding that is made with hazard-free materials. This design is also a durable and lightweight type despite looking a bit bulky, hence making it the ideal type for airplanes, sports, cars, car races, music concerts, and more.

  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.73 x 6.69 x 3.07 inches
  • Pros

    • Noise cancelling device
    • Durable and adjustable design


    • Can’t share audio

    Why but it?

    Because Banz earmuff is a low profile design equipped with NRR 31 dB, which is suitable for young infant and toddlers.

    Best for:

    Kids ages 0 to 2 years.

    Nabi headphones

    If you want to get the best sound quality during traveling, then Nabi headphones are your perfect choice for their remarkable noise-free sound effects. It's a good value for money and by far the most popular device, comfortable for short and long trips. It's a volume safe headset for children, girls, boys, and toddler teens. When in the adult mode, it offers good quality sound for all kinds of music.

    Nabi headphones are made to fit small kids as well as adults and work with any type of phone, computer, iPad & tablets. It is designed to work for a long time without any battery power or energy. This Bluetooth enabled device has an adjuster for volume control. 

  • Dual mode: Nabi mode and Parent mode
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Batteries required: 3 AAA batteries (included)
  • Volume-limited to: 80 db 
  • Puro headphones for kids

    Puro headphones

    Puro is one of the best headphones for toddlers when you are looking to use them on plane flights. For the kids with smaller heads, we would recommend purchasing those headphones. Puro headphones can fit children, teens, and even elders. It is a good headphone for flying and that is what many parents purchase them for.

    Puro headphone also comes with a cable so you don't have to get stuck with Bluetooth. The wireless option can be easily avoided and can be used with a cable. A 3.5 mm limiter wire is supplied so that you can connect instead of using WiFi. But, you have to ensure that you have a volume controlling 3.5 mm cable, or else this may make the volume to increase beyond the limit of 85 dB.

    You can also use the feature for suspending buzzing sound without playing music. For this, you must leave your headset powered off, and then you can switch on the ANC button, which will help to suppress noise. That ANC function can work for both Wireless and wired connections. 

  • Types: Wireless (also included wired cable)  
  • Weight: 5.9 ounces
  • Volume-limited to: 85 db 
  • Pros

    • Provide 1-year return policy
    • Ergonomically designed
    • Quite comfortable


    • Do not have integrated into FM radio
    Califone 2810-PA Listening First Kids Stereo Headphones

    Califone Listening First Kids Wired Headphone has an adjustable thin headband that provides comfort for extended wear in all conditions. This headphone is geared for young learners and is suitable for starting computer classes, library, and story-time use. Headphones offer safe volume control and come with ambient noise-reducing ear cups to provide optimum protection against potential external source noises.

    They are attached to strengthened strain to prevent accidental pull out. To avoid an unintended pull-out, 6 foot long and durable straight cord with a 3.5 mm plug set at the right angle. In high-use cases, the bear headphone features durable ABS Silicone ear cups that can withstand breakage and damage. Califone kids headphones are Mac and Windows compatible and feature replaceable leatherette ear cushions. they offer a 3-year warranty for school use.

    • Comfortable Flexible Headband for Prolonged Wear.
    • Mylar cone 30 mm.
    • Volume control for individual preferences.
    • The 3.5 mm plug right-angle eliminates unintended pull-outs.
    • For high-use cases, tough ABS plastic construction.
    • 40 mm transducers for Mylar dome driver systems.
    • 110 dB + / 3 Db SPL SPL.

    JLab JBuddies Kids Volume Limiting Headphones review

    JLab JBuddies Kids Volume Limiting Headphones review

    The circumaural (over-ear) JBuddies studio Bluetooth headphones look like on-ears, but they essentially work like over-ears for most children. Available in blue / gray or gray / purple versions. Despite their budget-friendly price tags, they manage to provide a considerable amount of soft padding in the headband and earpads. The padding is more like a memory foam, which helps make the headphones perfect on road trips or plane trips for longer listening scenarios. They often fold down into a reasonably small package, travel-friendly size at the hinges above the earcups.

    The side panel of the left earcup houses a pinhole microphone for phone calls, a charging micro USB jack, a power button, and a volume rocker. Also, the power button doubles up as the control for play/pause and easy call management. Unfortunately, it is necessary to double-click this button to immediately dial the last number called on the linked phone.

    The JBuddies Studio Bluetooth offers a good sense of bass depth for the price on tracks with extreme sub-bass material, including The Knife's "Silent Shout. Unlike the Puro Sound Labs headphones, which provide more strong bass response, but also sound dynamically squashed at the expense of music, JBuddies headphone's bass does not distort and it does not rely on DSP (digital signal processing) to avoid distorting. There's a modest bass response here, but that's also because the volume is modest.

    • Cost-effective.
    • Efficient volume limiting.
    • No distortion whatsoever.
    • The audio lacks a bass reaction.
    • Frustrating panel power.

    Why Should You Purchase Headphones for Toddlers on Plane?

    You need toddler headphone on plane for the following reasons:

    • Airplane cabin noise levels are loud enough to damage kids' hearing. Aircraft (engine) noise is especially prominent during the takeoff and landing. So, your toddlers need noise-canceling headphones on a plane.
    • Plane travel can be extremely stressful for everyone so seeing your child enjoying themselves can help to relieve any concerns or worries you might have. Having a headphone for kids is definitely a great idea. Because your toddler always needs something to entertain them.

    How to Choose the Best Headphones for Toddlers on Plane? 

    To get the safest and best headphones for kids, you will need to discover tips on what to consider before buying a pair of headphones for your toddlers. The things that you should be looking for in a headphone/earbud include: 

    Durability, material, color and size of your toddlers headphones

    The durability of the headphone, for instance, what is it made of, and is the material durable. Children are careless and undisciplined, so it is better to choose headphones that are durable and sturdy. The sturdy construction will give you many years of enjoyment to come. You don't need to get new headphones and carry them every time you want to travel with your baby.

    Next material: Are the material used hypoallergenic? It’s worth considering materials that won't be harmful in the long run. The material of your toddlers headphones should be soft, only then it will serve your baby a long time.

    Now color: We all know color is a major factor when selecting any products. You have to consider the favorite color of your children when looking at the color options of the headphones.

    And size: It is essential to get the right size of earphones. When you are buying a headphone for your toddler kid, check out the size of the headphones. The correct size is actually great for toddlers who need to fiddle with something. Headphones have to be either too big or too small and comfortable to wear for your toddlers. Because your child might be wearing them for a number of hours.

    Adjustable headband and fold-ability of the kids headphones

    Some toddler headphones feature a bed-friendly headband design with wireless speakers inside. You should select headband-style headphones because adjustable headband provides a snug fit for any child's head.

    The first thing is to ask yourself what makes an adorable travel companion? If your child uses headphones during travel, you have to purchase fold flat headphones. They allow you to store them easily in a small space and carry them wherever you go.

    Noise cancellation capabilities of kid's headsets

    As per the medical professional standards, you cannot set earbud's volume levels above 85 decibels. World Health Organization (WHO) and EU Member have set 85 dB as the effective safety volume limit for 8 hours of exposure. So, you need to choose noise-canceling headphones for your kids.

    However high-quality noise-canceling headphones can be difficult to find on a tight budget. In this case over the ear kids headphones are good option for you. Because they make loud sounds quieter by blocking out background noise such as plane engines and train vibrations.

    Wireless or wired headphone

    Does your baby want wireless headphones? If yes, do these headphones suit the environment of use? There are a few headphone brands on the market that connect more than one device. Find out the perfect one so that you have many variations of devices.

    Again you need to buy a tangle-free cable cord when buying a wired headphone. The tangle-free and flexible cord makes life more convenient. Cord keeper helps keep your baby's earbud cords kink and knot-free.


    Do you need an adapter during plane travel? Modern commercial airlines use 2 pin plug in one socket but most headphones may not be able to fit into this 2 pin socket. Some international airlines will provide you digital adapters free of charge. But for a long journey, it makes sense to buy your own and have it on hand.

    FAQs about Headphones for Toddlers on Plane

    Are headphones okay for toddlers?

    Headphones for toddlers that limit volume levels are the best option to protect young ears. But there are several other things involved such as listening duration and the size of the ear canal when it comes to kid’s headphones. Research suggests that playing audio at high volume can damage a human's hearing. Even short-term exposure to high volume levels may temporarily damage the ears. Remember, if your child listen to loud music for a long time it could have a damaging effect. The limit should be kept within 82 dB to prevent hearing loss in children.

    Is there a difference between kids’ headphones and regular headphones?

    Yes. The key difference is the volume limitation setting that kids’ headphones have, unlike regular headphones. This is because Kid’s hearing is still developing and can be susceptible to damage by loud volume.

    Which between wired and wireless headphones is better for my child?

    Just like any other product, both have their pros and cons; therefore, the best one is the one that suits your needs. Remember, the expensive the headphone, the higher the rating, and the more protection your children will get.

    Risks that May Arise When it Comes to Using headphones for toddlers on plane

    There have been instances of static electricity being produced by headphones. This usually happens  when the headphone wire rubs against clothes, which can cause a slight shock. If this condition is happening then static electricity creates small charges on the device.

    A 2017 incident published in the journal found that a woman who burned her face and hands after her headphones caught fire while a plane journey. So be careful when you are going to use headphones on a flight. Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) officials warned that passengers should think about the danger of battery-operated devices on the plane.

    During car or airplane travel electronic devices must be carried carefully in the customer's hand or a bag. According to the TSA, when you take a flight you can bring headphones with you in your luggage or carry-on bag, but you must make sure that the mobile connection is disabled or that the system is in flight mode.

    The Bottom Line

    Electronic devices offer music, games and movies and can be a lifesaver for many parents. However, as well as choosing the correct devise it’s also important to choose some good quality headphones for your child’s ears.

    Overall, our guide has given you the best headphones for toddlers on plane that are designed tested and verified for kids’ usage. Hopefully this breakdown helps give you the information you need to choose a model that suits your child. With comfortable and most durable kids headphones, your young one can sit back and enjoy the journey.

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