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April 1, 2020

Toddler Bathing Suit with Flotation (Buyer’s guide) 2021

As a parent, you always want to be part of your child’s growth and be responsible for guiding them in acquiring the necessary skills in life. One of these skills includes swimming, which is not only a well-renowned sport but also a fascinating recreational activity. However, one doesn’t throw their kids into the pool expecting their survival instincts to kick in. This is why you need the bathing suit with flotation to help with that.

Since swimming is a part of growth, you will need to take your child’s hand and show them how to do it and what better way to do so than to ensure that they stay afloat using a float. All these life vests are designed to protect your children from drowning and allow them to enjoy the entire experience while grasping the necessary swimming skills. The following are, therefore, the toddler bathing suit with flotation in the market.

best flotation device for toddler

                                    Best flotation device 

Toddler Bathing Suit with Flotation

List of best flotation device for toddlers learning to swim that are capable of being used in the different purposes.

  • Tube TOT swim trainer (tube vest for children)
  • Otter wings kids floaties (water wings)
  • Splash about float suit
  • FireBee swim arm bands trainer floaties
  • Loveyikee pink flamingo white swan-floaties
  • Zerlar floatation swimsuits (girls floaties)
  • Sundwsports children swim vest-jacket floaties
  • Preself baby float
  • Toddler life jacket baby swim floaties
  • Mint baby infant swimming pool float with canopy

Toddler Bathing Suit with Flotation (Reviews) 2020

Tube TOT Swim Trainer

If you are in the market searching for the desired life vest for trainer tubes with a touch of leisure and comfortability, then you might have stumbled onto the right product. This excellent swim school tot trainer designed by SwimSchool is the ideal safety solution for your kid in the water. It helps them learn to paddle and make their first kicks away from dry land. 

The tube is suitable for children of all ages, and it gives them the confidence they need to learn how to swim by keeping them afloat. It is made of highly durable rubber, which is waterproof and quick-drying without any leak valve for safety. Placed on the toddlers’ waistline, it allows your kid to move their hands and legs freely and comfortably while in the water. The fabric is gentle on the child’s skin, allowing them the feel comfortable when moving around the water in it. The tube is portable and easy to inflate and deflate and comes with a comfortable toddler swim vest and safety strap.


  • It is a comfortable fit floater  
  • It has excellent UV protection
  • It is fairly priced, thus affordable
  • Easy to inflate


  • Despite its incredible features, its mobility feature limits your child
Otter Wings Kids Floaties (Water Wings)

Who wouldn’t want their kids to get their first pair of wings? Well, in this scenario, the wings include a pair of floaties through which your kids’ arms are inserted. This is a product by Otter Wings and comes with a short-sleeved swim shirt designed to create the perfect swim training combo. When your toddler gets tired of splashing water, they don’t have to worry about struggling to stay afloat with this fantastic product.

The floaters for babies are designed with a patented Secure swim Technology by Otter Wings that ensure it doesn’t slip off your child’s arms because of the water. The shirt has buckles on the front and back of its shoulders while the floaties have them on each side, connecting it to the shirt. It is, therefore, the only available product in the market that connects floaters to a swim shirt firmly. The fabric used to design both elements is soft and comfortable on your child’s skin. It is capable of supporting up to 30kf in weight.


  •  It features a patented SecureSwim Technology which ensures wings don’t slip off  
  • Keep kids safe in and out of water unlike tubes and life jackets that are bulky outside water


  • Few customers have reported shirt sizes as an issue
Splash About FloatSuit

Are you looking forward to training your little mermaid in the water but would like to maximize safety and comfortability? The FloatSuit is one of the most versatile floaters for kids available on the market that not only keeps your child afloat but also brings in the sense of style. Your little princes will enjoy splashing around in the water as much as they will show off their exquisite designs and taste in floaties designed by Float About.

This excellent toddler float comes with a 16-piece adjustable buoyancy system that is designed to keep your little princess in the right swimming position. It is also designed like a regular swimsuit, allowing your little princess to use both her arms freely while staying afloat. The FloatSuit is made of polyamide and elastane, making it waterproof with fabric that is gentle on your child’s skin. It comes in a variety of colors from Apple Daisy, Pink Blossom, and Garden Birds to Tutti Frutti and many more. 


  • Ideal type to help your kid  learn how to swim  
  • It features an all-over protection UV protection
  • It is a stylishly designed float suit
  • It is adjustable to the size


  • The styrofoam makes the suit too tight
Fire Bee Swim Arm Bands Trainer Float Foam Vest

To give your kids the balance they need as well as the confidence and safety in the water, Fire Bee designed this exemplary floaties for babies. It looks like a pair of floaty wings attached to a single foam vest that helps your kid learn how to swim faster. It is suitable for kids that weigh less than 50lbs, giving them support for their small bodies.

The toddler float does not need to be inflated as it can just be worn and strapped around the child’s waist using the adjustable buckle snaps. The solid foam used in the floaty does not leak or bust, even when the children decide to seek their teeth into it. The buckle is also designed to be firm and requires the strength or force of an adult to open it thus, keeping the kids safe and sound. The nylon shell that encloses the foam is soft and comfortable for your kids' skin and also comes in a variety of colors.


  • It is skin-friendly as well as environment-friendly  
  • This float vest fits a wide range of children
  • It comes with a one-year warranty


  • Can’t be deflated so as to alter the buoyancy and teach a kid how to swim
Loveyikee Pink Flamingo White Swan Baby Swim Ride-On Float

Which child wouldn’t love to a piggyback ride on the water? This flamingo-like manikin floater gives your child the ride of a lifetime on the water. What’s more is that it allows the kid to kick with their legs and paddle using their arms, therefore, helping them master the first basic moves of swimming. It is the best trainer as well as an inflatable play toy for your kid’s perfect summer designed by Loveyikee.

The Pink Flamingo is a portable floaters for babies that can be folded and packed once deflated and inflated when its need arises once again. It is suitable for babies, toddlers, children, and even kids aged between 1 and 6 years. The Flamingo is pink and made of polyester, therefore, making it waterproof and easy to clean. It comes with Rapid Valves for faster inflation and can be used in swimming pools and beaches altogether. Your kid will definitely love this kind of ride and would enjoy learning how to swim.


  • Flamingo wings on the sides offer extra stability  
  • Features dual air champers for your kids' safety
  • It is good quality and non-toxic floater
  • It has a quality seat with adjustable holes


  • When fully inflated, it can tilt forward
Zerlar Floatation Swimsuits

Zerlar is one of the most renowned swimsuit companies that design cute and stylish swimsuits/toddler float. This swimsuit is also a floater that allows your child to practice their swimming lessons or techniques without the fear of drowning. It is designed for little girls everywhere with a passion for swimming and also maintaining a good look while doing so.

The toddler swim vest comes with adjustable buoyancy for girls within the age brackets of 1 and 10 years. The float suit contains 8 removable floats for safety, keeping your child afloat as they learn to swim. It is thoroughly tested and adheres to the standards of quality and safety. This baby flotation gives your child the confidence she needs to dive into the pools and swim her way to the other side without going under. Your little princess will even be able to swim in the deep end and develop the swimming skills.


  • Come with eight removable floats  
  • It is available in several colors to choose from
  • It is a floatation device as well as a bathing suit
  • Swim vest for 7 year old


  • Availability of bigger sizes can be a problem
Sundwsports Children Swim Vest Kids Floatation Jacket

If you’re looking for reassurance of safety whenever your kid dives into the pool, then Sundwsports has designed the perfect floatation jacket for them. This toddler swim vest is suitable for both boys and girls and comes in green, blue, and pink colors.   It merely feels like a regular but thick sleeveless vest and allows your child to freely use their arms and legs for swimming as the jacket keeps them afloat.

It is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing kids to move with ease in the water while learning how to swim. The kid wears the jacket and zips it up to the end while closing the sticky patch that prevents the zipper from opening. The jacket provides a minimum of 40+ UPF that offers protection against the sun. It is the perfect floaters for kids to keep them safe, and the parents relaxed.


  • It comes with a safety tab closure for added security  
  • It has a full-front zipper for a secure fit
  • It is a lightweight swim vest
  • It features a snug fit


  • It features no adjustment setting or straps
Preself baby Solid Float Ring 2

Babies love the feeling of playing in the water, even if they aren’t old enough to understand the necessary skills of swimming. A floater jacket or wings would still need you to hold them in a position to prevent them from submerging their heads into the water. Preself came up with this fantastic floater that lets your kids move as much as they want in the water without having to worry about going deep.

It is a second-generation float ring design suitable for babies between 4 and 34 months old. It comes with an advanced security system for the locks that are baby proof and offer maximum protection as well as hold the kids firmly. Even if the children make a wide range of vigorous movement in the water, they will never fall off, nor will they roll over. The fabric used in its design is smooth for the kids' skin and also leak-proof. The Preself baby solid floating ring 2 is everything you need for the safety of your infant in the pool.


  • It an overlocked edge to prevent injuries caused by sharp and hard edges  
  • It features an updated security system
  • It has a non-slip, adjustable straps
  • It has soft and odorless material
  • Best floaties for toddlers under 30 lbs


  • This swim float retains water after being used
Toddler Life Jacket Baby Swim Float

This is an excellent floater designed by Child Safety, a company well renowned for its safe floaters for babies. The floaters take the shape of a vest with attached wing floaties on its sides that allow your kids to learn how to swim without struggling to stay afloat.

The toddler life jacket is made of a fabric–polyester material that makes it smooth for the kids' skin while also being self-adjusting. It is suitable for children weighing from 30 to 50 lbs and between 1-7 years old. It comes with adjustable straps and a simple buckle that is located at the back, thus preventing the kids from reaching and loosening it. It doesn’t require inflation and is durable as it is leakproof, allowing the kids to enjoy the water while learning how to swim.

The jacket also comes in a variety of colors, depending on your child’s preference. It is also is considered very comfortable for them to move around in. For your kid’s enjoyment, the Toddler Life Jacket gives them the will to move their hands and feet freely with their heads held above the water.


  • It has stitching at the edge to double its durability and security 
  • It is a smooth, eco-friendly and self-adjusting floater
  • Suitable design that favors learning how to swim
  • Swim vest for 7 year old


  • You can leave your kid alone since it has to be used under competent supervision
Mint baby Infant Swimming Pool Float with Canopy

Imagine your kids learning how to swim and drive at the same time. Well, in theory, and using the floater designed by Mint, your children can enjoy the pleasures of the water in a pool while learning to steer their portable boat. This swimming pool float is like an elastic boat that your children steer using their feet in the water and is suitable for kids between 16–36 months old.

It is one of the best swim floaties for toddlers as it’s made from durable and leak-proof material with colorful imprints on it using non-toxic ink. It also contains a removable and adjustable canopy that provides shade from the sun in the pool during summer. This unique seat swim ring has a steering wheel together with a horn that makes life in the pool fun and thrilling. The toddler float also requires your kids to make bilateral body movements to steer it in the water using their feet. This allows them to develop basic swimming skills at a young age.


  • Boost your child’s cognitive functioning through the bilateral cross patterning movement 
  • It is a unique design that offers extra comfort and security to your kids
  • Uses environmental friendly materials
  • Best floaties for toddlers under 30 lbs


  • Not suitable for use in deep water, and it is always used under adult supervision

How to Choose Toddler Bathing Suit with Flotation?

If you’re interested in teaching your kids how to swim, then you will need to look for one of the convenient floaties for them. This will ensure that their safety and comfortability in the lessons are well catered to, allowing them to live the moment and become better swimmers. However, you can’t just walk into any store and pick out the first floater you see available. You have to consider a few factors before purchasing the best flotation device for toddler to make the best decision. Some of these factors include:

  • Safety and security: Every baby floater comes with its own safety features, and if it doesn’t, then you shouldn’t think twice about leaving that particular one out of your options list. Such security features include buckles, zippers, grab loops, straps, head protection, and many others. Check to see if the floaty has baby-proof safety features that only an adult can adjust. This will ensure that even if your kids play with such features on the floaty, they won’t be capable of loosening them and, therefore, remain safe in the water.
  • Comfort: No child would want or to be kept in something uncomfortable. You should research some of the best comforts features a baby floater can have. Also, know the type of material that the floaty is made of. Kids have smooth and sensitive skin, and you should ensure that the floaty is comfortable enough for their skin. Your child will enjoy their experience in the water and learn how to swim faster only if they are healthy enough.
  • Buoyancy: The main aim of any floater is to keep the child afloat and prevent them from going under. As such, you should check on the buoyancy feature of each baby floater you come across and see if they are fit to keep your kid safe. Also, be sure to consider the kid’s weight because there are various weight restrictions given for every floaty available. Pick the baby float whose weight bracket can accommodate that of your child, to be on the safe side.
  • The best fit: It would be wise to bring along your kid when you’re going shopping for a new baby float. This will ensure that you make the best pick that fits your kid perfectly because some stores have strict return policies. If you happen to be purchasing them online, know your child’s measurements or look for an online store with a favorable return policy.

FAQs about Bathing Suit with Flotation

How do I carry out the best-fit test?

  • The best-fit test is usually carried out with wearable life vest rather than the ride-on. First, you will need to bring your kid with you when shopping for a new swim vest. Once you get to the toddler float section, pick the desired one, and wear it onto your kid and buckle up the safety features. You will then have to gently lift your child while holding onto the baby flotation sides. If the flotation device is loose or slips out, it might be too big for your kid. Also, you might notice your child fidgeting once they put on the swim vest. Doing this would indicate that they are uncomfortable, therefore, making the baby float too tight for them.

Which would be the best place to get my kid swim-floats?

  • There are many stores and online retailers that sell a wide variety of these floaties, and you can access them. However, you should always go for the source that offers the most favorable return policies in case you buy something that your child doesn’t like or won’t fit them. Also, check on the manufacturers of those floaters and go for the most famous ones.

What are the weight restrictions for toddler floaties?

  • Every toddler float you buy comes with its own weight restrictions inscribed by the manufacturer on the package details. Therefore, before purchasing any baby flotation, make sure you check to see if your kid’s weight is accommodated by the range indicated on the product information.

What different types of Puddle Jumpers are available?

  • Four different types of Puddle Jumpers are available and all are approved by the US Coast Guard. Deluxe and Deluxe 3D are made of polyester material, Original is made of nylon material and Ultra is made of hydroprene material.

What is the difference between a swim vest and a life jacket?

  • Life jackets are usually made from a thicker material that has extra buoyancy at the front and chest buoyancy at the back. It can help you prevent panic and remain floating in the water. Swim Vests are lightweight than Life Jackets and specifically designed for the swimming pool environment.

Are there Puddle Jumpers for over 50 lbs?

  • Yes. Luckily, there are several affordable options for toddlers up to around 50 pounds. This US Coast Guard-approved design is specially-fitted for kids over 50 pounds. Puddle jumpers for infant 30-50, for child 30-50 and youth 50-90.

Can your baby learn to swim with a life jacket?

  • Yes. The swimming aids can be really good to keep your baby floating on the water. They provide good support and balance which allows kids to learn the basics of swimming with confidence.

How to clean a life jacket or PFD?

  • To clean your item, use a clean towel or sponge and hand wash. Dampen a towel or sponge with warm water. Rinse your PFD well with clean water to remove the most stubborn stains and hang it to dry on a suitable plastic hanger. Do not submerge The PFD in water or other liquids. And, always store it in a warm, well-ventilated area.

Water Safety Tips about Bathing Suit with Flotation!

  • Kids do unexpected things all the time, So do not let them swimming alone. It is not safe for anyone of any age to swim alone. Even good swimmers are at high-risk of drowning under difficult circumstances. Never leave your kids unattended.
  • Parents should learn how to supervise children in the water during swimming lessons. They should also avoid pools, beaches, and areas that do not have lifeguards or attendants.
  • These float is for use in shallow water only and under the supervision of a good trainer. Just remember! This is NOT a life-saving device. You should wait at least 15 minutes to ensure that there is no leak. Please keep it away from the fire and sharp objects.
  • Kids often hold their breath under the water. They should not do that for a long time, as this can cause drowning.
  • We recommend that children wear a Coast Guard-certified life jacket at all times when near, on, or in the water.
  • Encourage your little kids to get into the water to learn to float on their back.
  • You need to learn CPR, lifesaving skills, and water rescue skills.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the toddler bathing suit with flotation is usually the one that they like and fits them well. Your child would not enjoy swimming if they were forced to use a floater that wasn’t among their choice of preferences. However, the safety and comfortability of the children come first when looking for a suitable float.

Therefore, even if you were to find the best one in the market, you should never leave your child alone in it and unattended as this could be dangerous. Always be there to guide them through every stroke and kick until they’re old enough.

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