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August 16, 2020

Best Baby Activity Table for Small Spaces

best baby activity center for small spaces

People often tend to underestimate the contributions of activity tables to their kids’ development and, therefore, tend to ignore them. However, because of their multiple functions, activity tables provide a platform for your child’s physical and cognitive development as well as keeping them engaged and entertained. Best baby activity center for small spaces may actually be more of a necessary development item and less of a privilege as most individuals think.

Also, raising a child can be hectic and especially if you have your own duties to cater to. Therefore, as much as these activity tables keep your child company, they also tend to serve as a nanny while you work on other essential matters. However, careful and constant monitoring is vital even when the activity table has so many functions that the baby cannot manage to explore in one sitting.

best baby activity center for small spaces

best baby activity center for small spaces: reviews of 2020

Bright Starts Activity Center

Keep your baby happy and giggling all through the day as you take some time off for yourself with this fun activity table. Bright Starts Activity Center comes with a variety of different sounds and figures to keep you baby engaged and entertained.

The Bright Starts Activity Center comes with an Oscar-worthy sitting to standing walker allowing them to get comfortable with whichever movement they prefer. It also includes an attached baby walker that rotates around the activity table and which can be detachable once they outgrow it. There are over 15 different activities on this table with silly sounds, music and piano station to keep them preoccupied for hours.

Why this table?

Comfortable and engaging for hours on end, with over 15 different activities to explore.

Suitable for:

6+ months.

Skip hop explore and more

Here’s another amazing activity table that comes with a variety of features designed to keep your children engaged and entertained. The Skip Hope Explore is designed in collaboration with a pediatrician to give your child an experience in a lifetime that would help them develop effectively both physically and mentally.

There are four movable toys including a peekaboo, pop-up cloud and squeaker, rattle beads and wobble lamb among others. With a total of about 25 development activities and 360-degree rotating seat, your child can gain the best experience in all angles. The toy can be position anyplace for the baby to have fun with thanks to its toy-attachment system clips. Also, a discovery window allows your child to see their feet as they tap onto the playing pads at the bottom of the table.

Why this table?

A 360-degree engagement table with a wide range of development activities and the opportunity to attach more.

Suitable for:

4 +months.

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

Manhattan Toys brings you this adventurous and exciting toy tree top for your kid to explore. It is a tree-themed activity table with a variety of features designed to expand your baby’s imagination.

This wooden tree house is packed with a ton of features and tools like springy flaps, shape recognition, gliders,spinning dials, bead runs, and classic toddler. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center also comes with highly-detailed and colorful graphics allowing your child to practice their early motor skills and develop a more engagement rate with their surroundings.

Why this table?

Not only does it keep your child engaged, but also helps them develop motor skills unknowingly.

Suitable for:

1+ years.

Fisher-price learning table

Assemble a town for your baby and let them be the sheriff in charge as they maintain the law and order. This laugh and learn table is a small town designed to allow your baby to explore different environments without having to leave the house.

Fisher-price learning table comes with 4 fun places including a market, puppy’s home, farm and the zoo. It also has a phone at the center that adds an interactive voice with fun phrases that make the role play more exciting. It features 9 lights and more than 120 songs/tunes and when your baby finally grows up, you can add legs to it as they stand.

Why this table?

Helps the baby develop and keeps them preoccupied for you to keep yourself busy.

Suitable for:

6 – 18 months.

Little tikes water park

If you’re looking to introduce your child to a water park before they attain the required age, then this activity table should do just fine.

It is a water play table that help develop early motor skills in your kids using a “put-and-take" technique. There is one water cup along with 5 other round characters that tend to squirt water. Your baby can turn the spinner powering the “lazy river” together with character balls that also squirt water.

Why this Little tikes water park?

Teach your kids the dynamics of motors driven by water while they enjoy the splashing and squirting that comes with it.

Suitable for:

2 – 6 years.

kidkraft activity table espresso

Explore your kid’s architectural skills using Legos and a 30-piece train set. They are designed to help them develop their imagination when it comes to using their own hands when being creative.

You get a bag of 200 LEGO(R)-compatible blocks that your child can use to build their own town or anything they can think of. The table is made of wood with rounded corners for safety and is big enough for more than one child to play. The table is a sturdy and colorful piece of art and an exciting train set to help keep their imagination on the move.

Why this table?

Your child’s crafting skills improve significantly while their creativity is expanded.

Suitable for:

3+ years.

Alex discover sound and play busy table

For a beautiful addition to your kid’s playroom, you can opt to get this Alex discover sound and play busy table and let your children entertain themselves using the many sounds and effects at their disposal.

It comes in a whimsical design for an adorable addition to the playroom and can handle more than one child. Your kid can pound, slide, peek, explore as well as make music using the many sounds that come with the fun activities like xylophone, drum, wooden mallet, among others.

Why this table?

It brings out the musical genius in any child allowing them to develop a familiar attachment to various sounds and develop even quicker.

Suitable for:

18 months – 15 years.

Little tikes walker

With this is a 3-in-1 activity table your baby can explore over 70 different activities. It also features an activity walker that is jungle-themed.

Little tikes walker table encourages your child to develop some skills with the lights they chase. It can also be folded flat for floor play as well as easy storage. For ultimate jungle experience, this table is fitted with a variety of wild animal sounds and colorful fun lights that are projected bellow the activity table. The activity panel features a spinning toucan ball with fun animal noises, peek a boo lion, monkey slider, and so much more.

Why this table?

It allows your child to move frequently and helps a few develop their steps better. It is an exciting toy for any kid to have.

Suitable for?

9 months – 3 years.

Evenflo exersaucer triple fun activity center

Give your baby an exquisite life experience in the Amazon with the Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center from Evenflo and watch them develop a liking to the wild without having to move around.

This activity table is made of plastic and can significantly fold into smaller units making it more portable. It comes equipped with age-appropriate toys and fun music as well as animal noises that assist in the baby’s development. One can adjust the height of the table as the baby grows and a 360-degree rotating seat.

Why this table?

It gives your child a 10-development milestone that not only allows them to grow, but also have fun doing so in the “wild.”

Suitable for:

0 – 24 months babies.

Tot tutors table and chairs

This is a 2-in-1 activity and construction table that is versatile and fun for all your kids.

It is made of plastic chairs and a table that changes from a smooth plastic surface to a construction platform that is compatible with popular building blocks as well as Duplo ones. It also features a building block construction with storage area at the center covered by removable smooth tabletop. Furthermore, it is a durable activity table that is very easy to clean.

Why this table?

Not only is it an exciting activity table, but it can also be a wonderful assignment or dining table for the kids.

Suitable for:

3+ years.

BUYING GUIDE: best baby activity center for small spaces

When shopping for the best baby activity center for small spaces, there are some factors or things that you should consider. These factors do play key parts when it comes to determining the fitting table.

  • Stick to your budget

Never buy something that’s outside of your budget just because you think it might please your baby or is of better quality. A higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a better table because some of them turn out to be disappointing. Choose what suits your budget and what will provide the same development benefits as the costly ones.

  • Multiple functions 

Children tend to change their preferences in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it would be best if you purchased a table with multiple activities and one whose toys have multiple functions. Get quality items with multiple functions.

  • Available the space

Avoid activity table that takes up half of the available playing space. Even if you have a smaller place, you should try to pick something that would fit well and give your baby enough space to move about as they like. It would be helpful if you got the foldable tables that are more portable.

  • Sturdy and durable material

Most of the baby activity tables are made of plastic. However, some of these materials may be too light to handle grown babies while others may not last as long as the manufacturer specified. Therefore, you should always inspect the material before purchasing to make sure it is powerful enough to handle your baby’s weight.

  • Safety

Never forget to check on the edges of the tables and corners to ensure that they are injury-proof. Make sure that the corners are rounded and the edges blunt enough so that they don’t stand a chance at harming your baby.

  • Comfortability

How comfortable would your baby be because that would determine how long you’d leave them engaged as you handle your own duties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which is the best place to put my baby’s activity table?

It is always advisable to place the table in an area where you can easily monitor your baby’s activity as they play. If that would be possible in your baby’s playroom, then you can put it there. However, it would be best if you placed it in a wide-open space to give the baby plenty of room to move about as they please.

  • What is the most suitable age for getting my baby an activity table?

There are many different kinds of activity tables designed for different age groups in babies. There are those made for newborn infants that can’t sit up on their own while other design for those who can. There also many tables designed to help babies who are struggling to walk on their own and are known as walkers. 

  • Can the batteries harm my babies?

Most of the activity tables that produce sounds and various noises come powered by batteries. However, these batteries are usually installed in a location on the table whereby the baby cannot reach and are usually covered by a plastic case and screwed shut. Therefore, you should always ensure that the battery location is situated somewhere that the baby wouldn’t even think about looking.

Final words

Picking the best baby activity center for small spaces is a crucial decision because these items tend to help your child grow and develop the necessary educational skills during their early years. Not only do these activity tables help in the development of the baby, but they also spare you some time to try and concentrate on yourself for a change. Try to consider all the factors provided in this guide for you to pick out the best plastic playmate that would keep your child engaged and entertained.

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Best Baby Activity Table for Small Spaces

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