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April 18, 2020

Baby Bed That Hooks Onto Your Bed: A Good Idea?

Having a bassinet, which is a smaller than a crib and allows your baby to sleep at your bedside, works as an ideal solution to help you monitor your baby closely.

If you have a new born or a baby one that’s just a few months old, it’s natural for you to want to monitor their development closely at the initial stages. This especially applies during their sleep, where a baby can need careful monitoring as they can have a tendency to be sensitive to their environment while resting. Having your baby close by during the night is perfect as it allows you to react quickly if something comes up.

baby bed that hooks onto your bed

Baby bed that connects to parents bed

co sleeping benefits

If you and your baby sleep in different rooms, there are a few risks that can occur. We explain this clearly below whilst also illustrating the advantages of using a baby bed on side of bed. 

  • Sleeping position

For a newborn baby, it can sometimes be difficult for them to turn in their sleep. If they don’t receive any help adjusting their position they can end up staying in the same position for hours. This can be very uncomfortable for the baby and can also lead to body cramps or strains. Using a bedside bassinet allows you to regularly check on the infant without having to get out of bed. Your baby can then enjoy a comfortable and peaceful night of sleep and wake fresh the next day.

  • Temperature

It hard to predict just how warm a bay will be at night. The clothes they are wearing and the temperature of the room can affect their body temperature. If the baby is too hot or too cold they can become uncomfortable and may even start shivering or fidgeting in their sleep. This can cause tears the crying which is the baby’s way of alerting you to come and help. If you’re in another room you will need to get out of bed and make the tired walk to comfort them. Sometimes a baby will sleep right through even if they are too cold or warm. This isn’t ideal and having a bedside bassinet will allows you to keep a close eye on your baby’s movements and frustration throughout the night. Without leaving the room you can attend any issues immediately.

  • Complications in their sleep

There are other symptoms such as cold feet and hands, fever or labored breathing that can also affect a baby’s sleep. If they sleep though and don’t cry out, or you don’t hear them due to being in another from another room, you can miss these things quite easily.

Having a crib for your baby that’s connected to yours is an ideal solution that allows you to carefully watch over your little angel in their sleep.

  • General baby needs

Something simple, like needing a drink or having a diaper that requires changing, can be all it takes to give both you and your baby a broken night sleep. Keeping your baby close allows you to deal with these little things as quickly as possible.

what to consider when buying baby bed

You might want to know something special about bed extension for baby.

  • Is crib that attaches to your bed ready to use in minutes? 
  • Are these co sleeping bed easy to transport or stores?
  • Do they have breathable mesh sides?
  • Use rock to soothe baby?
  • Do they allow multi-speed swaying motion?
  • Have a adjustable cute canopy?
  • Do they help quickly boosts sleep? quickly responds to cries?
  • Are they able to reduce overheating?
  • Is machine washable?
  • Do cribs for baby allow more diaper changes?
  • Have a night light?


It’s natural to want to keep an eye on your baby’s sleep and at the same time make sure you’re getting enough yourself. Having them sleep as close to your bed as possible works well for you both. You can get arm's reach co sleeper from reputable retail stores online and never leave your child unattended to during the day or night.

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