Are Babyletto Cribs Safe (Awesome Things You Can Learn)

Are you looking for a safe crib for your baby? A Babyletto Crib is the answer. These modern, stylish, and well-built products are designed to meet or exceed all safety standards in North America.

Babyletto cribs are a popular choice for many parents because they are safe and beautiful. They also come in a variety of colors to suit your personal taste. Read on to find out more about these cribs, their safety features, and the color choices available from Babyletto.

Are Babyletto cribs safe?

If you’re looking for a crib that’s safe, stylish, and affordable, Babyletto has some of the best available. These cribs have been rigorously tested to be sure they comply with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards as well as ASTM International safety requirements. 3rd party CPSC-certified labs are used to ensure compliance with ASTM Standards is met. So no matter what you choose from Babyletto we know it will meet your needs.

Babyletto cribs are always safe for your baby. The company is committed to providing you with a product that has less than 10ppm of lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals. In order to maintain consistency in quality, the manufacturer performs annual paint tests on all products.

Babyletto cribs are Greenguard certified

Babyletto is the go-to place for parents looking to furnish their baby’s nursery with modern, eco-conscious, and safe cribs. All of the cribs are GREENGUARD Gold Certified which means they have been rigorously tested to ensure that your child breathes in cleaner air while they sleep.

Babyletto cribs are non-toxic

Babyletto cribs are safe for your baby and the environment. They’re made of 100% solid New Zealand pine wood, so they don’t require any plastic or composite parts that might contain lead or phthalates (a chemical found in some plastics).

Babyletto cribs weight limit

It’s important to know how much weight your crib can hold before making a purchase. Babyletto cribs are designed to withstand a lot. If your baby is over 45 lbs and they want to sleep in their own room, then you can convert them from a crib into one of the toddler beds. If your toddler has outgrown their crib but hasn’t hit 50 pounds yet, you still might be able to use it as long as they’re not climbing up on top of the mattress support or trying on slats. With the weight limit for a full-size bed conversion at 500 lbs.

FAQs about Babyletto Cribs

How long can you use Babyletto mini crib?

The Babyletto mini crib is a versatile option that can be used until your child reaches one to two years old. It’s also convertible, which means you only have to purchase it once and then the components will last for several years as your baby grows.

Is Babyletto mini crib a great option for short moms?

The Babyletto mini crib is a better choice for moms who are short or have limited space. It’s also an excellent option for those looking for a more modern design and color palette than what you might find with other traditional baby furniture brands. It’s just a good investment because it saves space and money.

Where are babyletto cribs manufactured?

Babyletto is a company with two manufacturing facilities, one in Taiwan and one in China. They make the majority of their products at these factories using 100% solid New Zealand Pine wood (with some exceptions). If you’re looking for furniture that’s made from sustainable materials, then it might be worth your time to investigate where Babyletto gets its lumber.

Do babyletto cribs go on sale?

Babyletto cribs are a hot commodity right now. Amazon is selling them on Prime Day for as much as 20 percent off, and even more when you factor in the savings. If you’re looking to buy one of these stylish pieces of furniture online but want to save some money, it’s time to act fast.

Does Babyletto have a military discount?

While it’s a relief to find out that Babyletto does not offer military discounts.

What mattress goes with Babyletto Hudson crib?

Babyletto is a company that has been designing and selling cribs for over 30 years. They have also designed an excellent line of mattresses to go with their Hudson Crib. The Pure by babyletto mattress is hypoallergenic, eco-conscious, and 52″ x 27.75″. This means the size of your bed would fit your crib perfectly!


Babyletto cribs are great for a variety of reasons. They’re well-made, they all come with warranties and guarantees that you can count on, and so much more! The one thing we really love about the company is its commitment to safety. All their products are sent to a CPSC-certified lab for testing which ensures compliance with ASTM standards – meaning that these cribs will give you flexibility without compromising any quality or features.

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